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Ultrasonic flaw detectors

Ultrasonic flaw detectors are used to detect and size subsurface defects and anomalies in many materials.

We manufacture a complete line of high-quality portable ultrasonic instruments for a wide range of applications such as weld inspection, petrochemical piping & tubing, nuclear pressure vessels, aerospace components, aircraft maintenance, forged products, and heavy metals.

The USM Go is the lightest and most portable ultrasonic flaw detector available from GE Measurement & Control. The USM Go is designed for ease of prolonged operation in the harshest inspection environments in the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and automotive industries.
A Hand-Held Flaw Detector for Testing Spot Welds in Situ on the Production Line
The GE Measurement & Control Solutions Phasor XS brings the proven advantages of Phased Array technology to a new – and accessible – level. This portable and rugged device combines the value of Phased Array with a codecompliant conventional UT flaw detector. It is simple to use,...
USM 32XB and USM 32XL: small box, big performance Well balanced between ergonomics and functionality: Easy solutions for your daily applications.
The USN 60...analog performance, digital advantages, systems horsepower and color display
The USM Vision is a total weld inspection solution for new process pipework fabrication. It has been developed to meet the market need to transition from to ultrasonic inspection according to the international codes and standards through:•Optimizing the use of specialized inspection...
The PATH scanner is an encoded manual scanner with magnetic wheels to enable corrosion surveys with the GE Phasor DM and dual element corrosion arrays.
Csőtengelyek gyors és pontos vizsgálataA járműipar területén egyre gyakrabban használnak csőtengelyes futóműveket, különösen a nagysebességű vonatokon és a városi szerelvényeken.A 200 km/h fölé emelkedett sebesség fokozott igénybevételnek teszi ki a tengelyeket, ezért speciális...