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Coating thickness gauges

Inform us about your measuring problem and we will work out a solution. QNix® precision devices measure on all metallic substrates. No calibration required.
QNix® coating thickness gauges function with highest precision, also in tough workaday conditions. They are durable and extremely simple to operate.

For the particularly variable employment we developed the modular measuring system QNix® 8500, which can be tailored to any measuring task by a simple interchange of probe We know what users need.


Measurements on metals

As a pioneer for reliable handheld measuring instruments for the nondestructive examination of thicknesses on Fe and NFe substrates, we are alson one of the leaders...

Coatings on base materials like wood, plastics, ceramic, etc.

The evaluation of coatings is an important part of the quality assurance process in many industries. It also enables the optimum use of material. A prerequisite...

Calibration Foils

Calibration foils or shims are the most convenient way of creating a coating thickness standard on your substrate material and form Calibration foils are ideal...