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Coatings on base materials like wood, plastics, ceramic, etc.

The evaluation of coatings is an important part of the quality assurance process in many industries. It also enables the optimum use of material. A prerequisite for this is that coating thicknesses can be accurately measured. Of course this applies not only to coatings on metal parts but also to such coatings on base materials like wood, plastics, ceramic, glass, etc.

Whenever other methods have previously failed, our innovative CTM 20 now provides the solution: paint, varnish or lacquer, plastic and other insulating coatings on non-metallic and metallic base materials can be ultrasonically measured by you.


The ultrasonic method...

can be utilized for accurate coating thickness measurement in a new way.

Patented probe technology with an extremely large bandwidth in combination with a specially developed evaluation method for the echo signal have led to the breakthrough in this application. It

gives an ultrasonic measuring resolution in the micrometer range, which was previously unobtainable.

The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe passes through the coating of the test object down to the base material. Reflections occur on every boundary surface of the individual coating layers and are then detected by the probe. The instrument takes care of the evaluation for you with its intelligent signal processing - and displays the coating thickness as a digital value.


... closes gaps.

And the highlight: the CTM 20 measures multiple coatings in one single measuring process, that means both the total thickness and the thickness of (maximum three) individual coating layers.

The Coating Thickness Meter CTM 20 thus opens up a large variety of application possibilities even in cases which in the past only allowed destructive test methods to be used.